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Why I Chose Bluestone Thumbnail

Why I Chose Bluestone

Why I Joined Bluestone, by Courtney Walls

 In my previous role at BlackRock, I worked closely with the largest Independent advisory practices across Ohio.  When I decided to pursue the advisory side of the business, Bluestone made my short list.

 Choosing BWP boiled down to three key concepts:  Relevance.  Long term vision.  Trusted Partner.  Since joining the team, I’ve witnessed unparalleled client service, industry-leading experience & outstanding leadership. I am thrilled to contribute to a team with such a bright future.

 Michael Agriesti, CFP®, CRPC®, LUTCF

Sam Chickerella, CFP®

Richard Martin, MS, CFP®

Andy Michel, ChFC, CLU

Mike O’Brien, CFP®, CRPC®, CRPS®

Don Parkhill, JD

Adam Pusateri, CFP®

Courtney Walls

Adam Weingartner, CFA

 Courtney Walls is a registered representative of LPL Financial., a broker/dealer (member SIPC) and registered investment advisor.  CRN-3443939-020821