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Financial Life Planning

From Starting Your Career to Thriving Through Retirement

Your Financial Well-Being Is About More Than Just the Numbers

It’s About Achieving Your Goals & Finding Your Independence

Reflect on the last five years of your life.

What milestones did you work toward and enjoy? Maybe you...

  • Graduated college
  • Bought a home
  • Entered retirement

Now, think about the unexpected that came your way…

  • Had a baby
  • Lost a spouse
  • Changed careers

Financial Life Planning Is About Doing What We Can Now

To Prepare For Anything Tomorrow May Bring

Developing a plan for whatever stage of life you’re experiencing now is an important and necessary part of defining and reaching toward your future goals. Our advisors take all the time needed to understand your personal values, needs today and desires for the future. Based on these conversations, we’re able to offer in personalized, tailored advice design for you - and only you. We’ll help you understand the realities of your current financial standings and what realistic next steps we need to take together to best prepare you for tomorrow.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Solutions Include:

Retirement Planning Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Estate Planning

Investment Management Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Investment Management

Business Succession Planning Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Business Succession Planning

Tax Reduction Strategies Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Tax Reduction Strategies

Cashflow Planning Columbus, OH, Bluestone Wealth Partners

Cashflow Planning

Whatever Stage of Life You’re In, Together We’ll Make the Most of It

Young Professional

Retirement feels like a lifetime away, and you have plenty to look forward to in the meantime - growing your family, buying a home, advancing in your career and more. We’ll help you define and plan for your long-term goals (including retirement) early on, giving you plenty of time to develop a foundation of healthy financial habits with years of saving and growing your wealth ahead.


The many joys of advancing in life - raising children, enjoying higher-paying jobs, moving homes, etc. - can also create even more financial complexities. Your financial responsibilities to your children, spouse, business or aging parents feel like they’re at an all-time high. We’ll stand by your side and work to bring order to your financial concerns while still accounting for a retirement that’s steadily moving closer.

Nearing Retirement

Whether you’re a business owner ready to hand over the keys or a hardworking executive counting down the days, nearing retirement can bring about excitement, trepidation and anxiety all at once. Together we’ll buckle down on what you need to be doing now to secure income throughout your retirement as we look at your time horizon, lifestyle goals and bucket list for retirement.

Enjoying Financial Independence

Once you’ve reached a state of financial independence, it’s time to relax and enjoy, because you’ve earned it. But while you’re traveling the country, out on the back nine or volunteering in the community, we’ll stay vigilant in ensuring your wealth will last. We’ll help you prepare for the possibility of long-term care and focus on leaving a legacy for your loved ones after your passing.

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