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Supplemental Retirement Plan/Deferred Comp Termination: What are the implications?

For many of us, our day-to-day lives have never experienced more disruption. Between massive shifts in corporate strategy and company structure to home schooling your kids, it is harder than ever to maintain control of your personal finances. If you are preparing for a job transition, or if your firm has terminated its Supplemental Retirement Plan/Deferred Compensation Plan, you probably have a few questions. As always, we are here to help!

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Why This Might Be The Time To Refinance! Thumbnail

Why This Might Be The Time To Refinance!

Yes, interest rates have fallen ... but don’t expect 0% loans. In and of itself, the Fed’s rate cut won’t cause mortgage rates to fall. Because mortgages are long-term loans, their interest rates tend to track long-term bond yields rather than short-term interest rates such as the federal funds rate.

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How Will the SECURE Act Affect You?

Before the SECURE Act, IRA beneficiaries were able to extend required minimum distributions on their inherited IRAs over their entire lifetimes, allowing more opportunity for tax-free fund growth. The SECURE act eliminates the "stretch IRA."

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Time to Sell or Time to Buy?

While it is tough to be away from the office, some aspects of this temporary step back from my daily routine have been a breath of fresh air. It has given me the opportunity to enjoy some bonus time with my family, take the dogs out for a few extra walks and do a lot less shaving. I think my wife is ok with me being here all the time, but sometimes it is difficult to tell…

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