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Boo Boo Buys a Corporate Bond Thumbnail

Boo Boo Buys a Corporate Bond

Debt securities can be an important component in creating a portfolio designed for capital preservation and income. In part three of Financial Basics 101, we explore one type of debt security in particular - corporate bonds.

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Graduation is almost here.  Now what? Thumbnail

Graduation is almost here. Now what?

Colleges and universities anticipate that over 3.5M students will graduate this Spring, including masters and doctorate degrees.* Undergrads account for 2.9M of the graduates – which means there could be fierce competition for those seeking their first job during one of the lowest unemployment rates in US history.

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The Yield Curve Inverted - Is a Recession on the Horizon?

The yield curve is the “connect-the-dot” line that follows the yield of treasury bonds with maturities from 1 month to 30 years. Typically, this curve is sloped upward, as longer-term bonds demand a higher yield. In a healthy economy, when long-term growth is expected, higher long-term yields are indicative that investors have positive feelings about growth in the economy.

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Warning: Do Not Try This At Home

People engage in high risk/low reward activities all the time, particularly with their investments. Many are fully capable of managing their portfolios themselves, and maybe they should.

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Having Doubts About the Market? Good!

How does today’s volatile stock market make you feel? If you are paying attention to the headlines, I’m guessing you feel a little uneasy at best. Here is one of many questions we ask a lot of our new clients: If the...

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